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          Service System


          • East Of Pingcheng Road, Jiaoxi Industrial Park, Jiaozhou of Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
          • 0532-82217766
          • 0532-82217766
          • zhongsu@madeplasticmachinery.com
          ●Products features and application introduction
          ●Recommend suitable processing technology
          ●Offer information consultacny
          ●Offer testing methods and production technology standard
          Machinery Production
          ●Offer the machinery installation required conditions
          ●Could change the solution modification without notice
          ●Study and solve technology situation and materials formulation together

          ●Offer installation and worker training
          ●Establish and record customer document
          ●Offer spare parts to assure the machine maintenance and stable production
          ●Offer necessary technique support for the new machinery
          ●Regularly visit customers and collect feedback
          ●Promise of one year quality guarantee, lifetime guarantee of machine maintenance